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We are one of the pioneer solar energy solutions provider in Pakistan. Our primary offerings include:

Residential Solar Solutions

Reliable, dependable and economical self generated clean energy for homes

Commercial Solar Solutions

Cost effective renewable energy for commercial enterprises

Industrial Solar Solutions

Large scale solar power plants for Industries to reduce operational costs and carbon foot print

How Grid-Tied Solar System Works?

1. Solar Panels

Sunlight hits the surface of the panels and is converted to electrical energy. The PV solar cells located on the panels collect photons from the sun’s rays. These photons are pushed through and release electrons to create an electrical current known as direct current (DC).

2. Inverter

The DC electricity created from the solar panels is then converted from DC to AC (alternating currents) electricity that is used to power appliances in homes or buildings.

3. Electrical Box

The AC electricity is then sent to the breaker panel. There, the usable energy powers the house or building while the excess energy is sent back to the utility grid. The utility meter will record this credit transfer and run backwards giving you ultimate utility savings

4. Electricity to Home

Solar energy is used to power every day appliances in your home or building, such as your lights, refrigerator, and charging your cell phone.

5. Net Metering

Any excess energy produced by the solar panels qualifies for net metering. Your utility provider will record the amount of energy that the home or building consumes and how much excess energy is sent back to the grid each month. During some sunny summer months, you may produce more energy than needed, so the excess will then be credited back to your account.

6. Grid Interconnection

Through the process of net metering, the energy that you do not use will be sent back through the electric grid (power lines). 

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